BT ~ Are You Highly Sensitive?

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I have decided to share a lifelong personal struggle with you.

Early in life I started to keep my thoughts and feelings to myself. I began to feel that who I was wasn’t normal and I learned many ways to protect myself.

My self esteem kept shrinking and I turned to food to comfort myself and help relieve the anxiety I constantly felt.

I know my life would have turned around much sooner if I had been aware that being highly sensitive was just another way of being. Becoming aware of this has truly changed my life.

It turns out that 20-30% of people are HSPs. It is not a disease, not an affliction, not something to be ashamed of.  It’s just part of Mother Nature’s plan.

Are You Highly Sensitive?

~ Have you ever been told you were too sensitive or shy – especially as a child?
~ Have you been told that you need to toughen up?
~ Do you cry easily but try not to because someone makes fun of you?
~ Does watching something violent make you more uncomfortable than it does other people?
~ Do you avoid going to a great movie that has violent parts even if it means not going with friends? Or do you go and then wish you didn’t?
~ Is it hard for you to be in large crowds – and to you large can be just a few people?
~ Do you start to feel overwhelmed and thinking about how to escape and finding someplace quiet to recover? And does the recovery sometime takes days?
~ Are you very aware of sounds, smells, colors, flavors and how things feel?
~ Are you very moved just seeing something or hearing music?
~ Have you mentioned something you noticed and other people didn’t even know what you were talking about?

If the above describes you (or someone you know), you may be a Highly Sensitive Person. When I started reading about HSP I recognized myself and finally understood why my senses seemed different than other peoples. I am extremely grateful that I am now aware and have found ways to use this gift to enhance my life and the lives of others.

I’ve renamed HSP for me to Happily Super Powered!

If you think you are HSP, have a spouse who might be, are raising a child you suspect may be,  here are some books that others and myself have found helpful.

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