BT ~ Do You Carry Emotional Weight?

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Have you ever been told you were too sensitive or shy – especially as a child?

Were you told that you needed to toughen up?

Do you cry easily but try not to because someone makes fun of you?

Are you very aware of sounds, smells, colors, flavors and how things feel?

Have you mentioned something you noticed and other people didn’t even know what you were talking about?

If you answered yes to these questions then chances are good that you are highly sensitive and any extra weight you have is probably caused by empathy overload. The weight has become your cocoon. It is protecting you from feeling too much from the people, places and things in the world.

Has it been hard for you to lose weight even though you’ve been on diets that others have been very successful on? Did you tell yourself that you didn’t have enough willpower or you just needed to try harder?

What if you found out that more willpower and trying harder weren’t the answers for you?

What if I told you that as someone who feels too much, until you have the tools and know how to use them to deal with your empathy overload, you won’t be able to permanently lose and keep the weight off?

What would happen to you if you had the tools and used them in your life?

You would finally lose the weight, manage your emotions and find your fabulous self as you step out of your cocoon.

That’s what Breaking Through to the Real You ~ Weight Loss for Women Who Feel Too Much is all about.


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