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blog-hopWelcome to our May Blog Hop!

This month we are so excited to help you in your business and life. You’ll find fabulous articles, how-to’s and resources for you today that have helped each consultant, blogger and business owner on the hop in their own lives and businesses. Get ready to be inspired for a wonderful month ahead of you as you move along through the blog hop.

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Life is quite amazing isn’t it? Yin and yang, black and white, up and down, give and receive, everything has 2 sides. Today I’m going to share with you how when you give from your heart, you always receive something healing in return.

Key ~ Feed Your Soul
Giving From Your Heart Helps You Heal

“There is a remarkable connection between living a kinder, more generous life, and living a happier and healthier one.” Bill Phillips

I love this quote “Healing doesn’t happen in a vacuum, but through our interactions with other people. By giving, you are focusing on what you have to offer others, inviting more abundance into your life.”
Mbali Creazzo from the book 29 Gifts: How A Month Of Giving Can Change Your LIfe (see more about this book below).

Clear back to the earliest civilizations, it was understood that greater happiness comes from giving. Whether it was Socrates, Buddha or Jesus, the message has been clear. To live a good life, happiness comes from integrity, simplicity and generosity. You will also have a better sense of yourself when you are giving.

I am sure that you give all the time, but are you aware of what you’re getting in return? I’m not talking about money or some kind of reward but an inner gift you receive.

A few years ago, a friend (thank you Jill ;-) ) shared a book with me called 29 Gifts. She said it had made such a difference in her life so I got it too. The author, Cami Walker was in her 30s, just married and suddenly diagnosed with MS. She was feeling very sorry for herself and a friend told her that to feel better, she had to get over herself! At first she couldn’t believe what she had heard. Her dear friend shared the idea of giving for 29 days and then see how she felt. She did and then wrote the book.

At first I thought the book was just about giving to others, but I know now that it shares how it’s a  back and forth. When you give a gift, you get one in return whether at first you realize it or not. When I did the 29 days for the first time, one day I felt pulled to a particular person who was on the side of the road as I was driving. The light changed and I had to move, but I felt I had to talk to him. I found a place to park, walked back to him and we had a conversation. I hope he felt better and I can’t describe how I felt that I’d followed my heart.

A big thing that you discover in the book, is that gifting isn’t giving money or a pretty wrapped gift. These are options for sure, but there are so many other ways of giving. If you’d like to see more about **29 Gifts: How A Month of Giving Can Change Your Life, just click my affiliate link here**.

Key ~ Feed Your Soul
Giving From Your Heart Helps You Heal Ideas

Listen to someone’s story without interruption

Call an elderly and lonely relative and just listen to them even if they say something over and over

Listen to someone vent and don’t try to fix it. Just listen

Listen while someone tries to teach you something you don’t want to learn

Be empathetic to someone who is struggling with something

Be kind to the checker and the bank teller

Compliment someone

Express gratitude to someone for things you may normally take for granted

Forgive someone who has hurt you

Give someone comfort without judgment

Look for the good in others even if they don’t seem so good to you

Drive and/or accompany someone someplace that they don’t like to attend alone

Let your husband watch hockey or another sport without complaining

Go out of your way to make a thoughtful remark

Empower someone

Say no when you know you should (especially to children), even if it causes you inconvenience to do so

What are some of your favorite ways to give? Please share them with us on our Live Your Healthy Life Facebook page here.

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