LYHL ~ 4 Ways You Can Create Habits That Last

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Creat Habits That Last

Wouldn’t it be great to be able to harness the power of habits in order to make good health and personal wellness feel so much easier to have?

Habits are hard to make, that’s for sure! What’s really interesting is they’re equally hard to break for good once they’re established. So that means if you can get through the hard part of creating a pattern, you’re going to be able to keep those habits without too much effort on your part.

Here are 4 great ideas for you to create habits that last!

Start Early in the Day: Your willpower tends to be highest at the beginning of the day, so harness that energy and use it to your advantage.  A great example is crockpot cooking: your desire to be healthy can help you toss ingredients into a crock pot in the morning so you’re not dealing with cooking when you’re tired after a long day at work.

Make Habits Convenient: If something’s difficult or complicated to do, it’s a lot less enjoyable when you’re doing it over and over. Make sure that whatever habits you’re trying to establish are simple, relatively easy, and if there’s any complexity (like needing a packed gym bag), schedule it into your routine so it’s easy to get it done.

Have Fun! If you’re doing something you hate, you’re not going to magically fall in love with it by doing it over and over.  Some people say you should “change what you think is fun”, but I don’t think that’s realistic. Instead, find things that you actually enjoy doing and establish those as your habits!

Use Action Triggers: Triggers are things that automatically lead to something else happening. A trigger you might have now would be something like: “finish eating dinner, rinse my plate in the sink and put it in the dishwasher”.  So the rinsing of the plate was triggered by finishing a meal.  Similarly see how you can tie new habits to other actions.  For example, every lunchtime, take a 10 minute stroll when you’ve finished eating.  After a while, every time you eat lunch you think to yourself: “I should take a quick walk now!”

Using these types of techniques to establish habits can make the difference between you experiencing success or failure. Also not going it alone can increase your chances of ending up with life long habits. Having support from like minded people is a gift that is priceless.

To support you in creating healthier habits and living your healthier, happier life, I have a program called the 12 Week Healthy Habits Online Group and you can check it out here.

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