LYHL/BT ~ What Are You Really Craving?

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KEY ~ Feed Your Soul
                 Nobody can give you wiser advice than yourself ~ Cicero

What Are You Really Craving?When you have a craving do you always think it has something to do with food? Cravings are simply messages that help you know that something is out of balance in your life. It could mean your body needs a certain food but that’s not always the case.

Both your body and soul send out cravings when there’s an imbalance. The craving is to get your attention so you can figure out what you need to do to have more balance in your life.

So how do you know what your cravings really mean? The first thing is to become aware that a craving may have nothing to do with food. Even a craving for something sweet isn’t always about the cookies in your pantry. Instead, you may be craving more sweetness in your life.

The key here is to first understand that you are having a craving for sweetness. Then ask yourself if what you really want is a great big hug, doing something you love, just some time for yourself or you really truly just want the cookie.

You are so worth taking the time to get in touch with the message your cravings are sharing with you!  Treat your cravings as a gift to get to know yourself better!

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