LYHL ~ Drink Some Fruits and Veggies!

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KEY ~ Feed Your Body

As you get better at listening to what your body is telling you what it needs when it comes to food, you will hear it asking for more whole, nutritious foods to make it’s job easier taking really good care of you.

So how about an easy way to give it more fruits and vegetables? Consider drinking them!

Juicing is one great way to have your fruits and veggies in a glass. Have you considered trying it but got discouraged when you checked out the price of juicers and some users’ comments about the time it took to clean it?

There is another way. Rather than juicing or buying expensive processed fruit and vegetable juices, how about using your blender to quickly whip up a tasty and nutritious drink?

In just a few minutes, some fruits, veggies and a blender lets you give your body what it’s asking for and provides you a quick, tasty way to feel great.

The essential vegetables missing from most Americans’ diets are leafy greens, and some people are resistant to even try them. By also adding greens to your smoothies, you gain the nutrients and health benefits they provide even if you’re not quite ready to have them on your dinner plate!  Start by adding small amounts of greens to smoothies you enjoy and try different varieties to come up with your favorites. Some to try include kale, collard greens, swiss chard, and spinach.

Consider drinking some of your fruits and veggies and see how great you feel!

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