LYHL ~ Use Spices to Tickle Your Taste Buds!

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KEY ~ Feed Your Body

When you cook are there times you wished there was a bit more flavor to enjoy? Are your taste buds looking for a little excitement in your mouth?

Consider adding salt* and spices to bring out the best in foods, enhancing both the flavor and aroma. There are also many health benefits to adding salt and spices.

Spices can aid in digestion, tenderize foods, warm or cool the body, and curb sweet cravings. Naturally harvested sea salt contains over 80 minerals that are not found in refined table salt and it has a grounding effect.

Spices are very easy to add to your dishes. You can use fresh or dried spices in all methods of cooking. If following a recipe, substitute 2 to 4 times the amount of fresh herbs for dried herbs. When cooking with salt and spices, measure or place the amount needed in your hand before adding it to the dish. This prevents cooking steam or heat from getting into the bottles, making it clump and taking away the wonderful flavors and their nutritional goodies.

Salt heightens, deepens and unites savory flavors. Add it towards the end of cooking and use sparingly.

Here are a some great flavor ideas for you to try:
Allspice: used in Caribbean cooking; lively, peppery mix of clove, cinnamon and nutmeg
Basil: used in Mediterranean cooking; fresh or dried; sweet, edgy taste
Caraway: used in Central European dishes; warm, sharp, with hint of anise
Cayenne pepper: used to heat and open up a dish; great for circulation in the body
Cilantro: a Spanish flavoring; earthy with hint of lemon; great fresh
Cinnamon: the bark of the laurel tree; nutty, pleasantly scented, sweet
Cumin: used worldwide; strong, hot, slightly bitter
Dill: used in European cooking; fresh, alive, summer herb; good with fish
Fennel: used internationally; medicinal properties; intense flavor, similar to anise but not as sweet
Ginger: favored in Asian cuisine; highly medicinal; spicy-sweet, woody, hot and biting
Paprika: used in Spanish and Hungarian specialties; rich, earthy, lightly pungent, hot or sweet

Have fun experimenting with all the different flavors!
*Salt should be used sparingly*

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