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Spring and summer is a great time to explore your community and find resources to enjoy all the delicious locally grown foods that are found in your area. You might even consider planting some of your own favorites!

Locally grown food has many benefits:
~ It can be fresher because there’s less time between when the food is picked and when you buy. The food is more alive with nutrients.
~ It’s usually less expensive because it doesn’t have the costs added to transport it across country – or ship it around the world.
~ You help support your community members who have dedicated themselves to feeding others.
~ Eating local at times can be better than eating organic from outside the area. You get the benefits of fresher food and it has a smaller carbon foot-print because it doesn’t travel long distances.

There are many local options to check out such as farmer markets, local farms, and events that include fresh picked, grown and raised food. There is also a service called Community Supported Agriculture (known as CSAs) where you pay a farmer at the start of the growing season for a whole season’s worth of what’s harvested each week. They usually have a centralized location where you pick up all your goodies weekly.

CSAs give you the opportunity to explore some of your old favorites and try new things depending on what is ripe and ready for picking! It also gives local farmers the funds necessary to stay in business and be around to grow wonderful food the next year. It’s a win-win for everybody! You can check out your local newspaper and city magazines for what is going on in your area.

Another great resource is the Local Harvest website “real food, real farms, real communities” where you can search for information by zip code. You’ll find out easily what’s going on all around you. Check out their site to see what’s available in your area.

Have fun, explore and enjoy all that’s available to you locally!

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