LYHL/BT ~ Are You Ready to Take Responsibility for Your Own Health?

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KEY ~ Feed Your Body, Mind and Soul

“People are fed by the food industry, who pay no attention to health, and are treated by the health industry, which pays no attention to food.” (Wendell Berry)

I am so impressed with the power of women to change things in our world for the better, starting with themselves and their families

With all the discussions about healthcare and government shutdowns, it is time for us to do what we can and be the change for ourselves, our families and communities. There is a solution to the healthcare problem and it’s pretty simple. Are you ready to take responsibility for your own health?

Every person in this country needs to know what it takes to keep them healthy and avoid the consequences of eating GMOs (Genetically Modified Organisms), pesticide laden foods and the unending cocktail of pharmaceutical treatments being advertised and prescribed to make us “healthier”.

We have to take control and responsibility for our own health. We need to quit blaming the government, doctors, our parents, schools, grocery stores and farmers. We need to step up to the plate, literally and figuratively.

We must learn what makes us healthy. We must take the time to educate ourselves so that we can make decisions and not depend on others to tell us what to do. It won’t be easy at first but we can and must do this.

The price of continuing on the same path is too steep. This generation of children is the first who’s life expectancy is predicted to be shorter than their parents. Today even young children are being diagnosed with Type 2 diabetes, a disease which used to be called  adult-onset diabetes, which is a lifestyle caused disease that kills.

So what does it take to be healthy:
~ We have to start eating for nourishment instead of entertainment

~ We have to start moving our bodies

~ We have to reduce stress in our lives

~ We have to spend more time on spiritual pursuits

~ AND we have to take care of and look out for each other

There are certain things in life that are true:
~ We do need insurance in case of an emergency

~ We usually live life the way we were raised but we don’t have to continue doing so

~ We often buy our groceries in boxes, cans and bags

~ We grew up eating processed foods (many of our parents did NOT)

~ As time has passed and we get busier with our crazy lives, we have evolved to eating more and more processed           foods

We do need to face the facts that there are things we are feeding our bodies that are not nourishing us. It’s time to take our heads out of the sand and face the facts so that we can decide whether to continue what we’re doing (and we have that choice) or make different choices. It really is as simple as this. One change, one person at a time. Are you ready to be the change?

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