LYHL/BT ~ How Are You Sleeping?

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KEY ~ Treat Yourself to Some TLC    

Over the years, sleep has been a huge challenge for me. I shared with you last week about always having the TV on, even at night. I told myself that it was because my husband snored and I had to drown that noise out! Even though I still have an occasional bad night, I’m finally sleeping well and it makes such a huge difference in how I feel.

Getting enough good quality sleep can be a tough one! Recently I was listening to Tony Robbins do an interview about the different times in history as compared to how things are today. It got me thinking about how changes in our lives can affect our sleep. The truth is that different stages of our lives can bring sleep challenges.

A typical lifetime sleep cycle probably included some or all of these stages for you:
As a child you went to sleep when it got dark and slept all night.
As a teenager, you could pretty much sleep anytime, anyplace and anywhere and you probably slept a lot.
When you moved away from home you might have partied all-night and slept all day. Or went to work right from the party. Not sure how that worked!
Then if you had kids, I’m guessing you were (or still are) exhausted and would give anything to sleep but that didn’t happen often because your babies wanted you 24/7.  Can you say sleep deprived?

As your kids got older, maybe you finally started sleeping normally again and then your kids started dating and driving!  That just about did you in!  Thank goodness for cell phones, but even so, you couldn’t fall asleep until they got home.

Then your kids went to college and you started sleeping like you did when you were a child and life was good.

Sleep often is a low priority for busy women but it’s so important to how you feel.  You need to recharge your batteries every night and if you don’t, you start to not be yourself. Some things you’ll start to notice when you are sleep deprived are, you just can’t think straight, your memory decides to leave, and making it through the day without breakdowns, blow ups and just being plain miserable becomes the norm rather than the exception. When you’re not sleeping well, your body doesn’t have the time to do it’s work and further health problems can develop because of your lack of sleep.

Whenever you have trouble sleeping, there could be many reasons. It could be your hormones, stress related, prescription drugs, kids’ activities or even too much wine!  Once you figure out the reason(s), you can work to eliminate the problem.

So when you get ready to go to bed, take a deep breath and relax. Don’t even think about the possibility that you won’t be able to fall asleep. Just breathe, relax and take the pressure off yourself.

Wishing you sweet dreams!

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