What People Are Saying

What People Are Saying

What J Murray, Bloomfield MI said about

What was your biggest concern/fear about committing to Breaking Through to the Real You™ one-on-one coaching? I’m not sure that I had any fears or concerns. I felt that I wanted to work with Vicki with very little in up front expectations. We already had a high level of trust and i came in with an open mind.

What were you hoping to get out of this coaching program? Initially my plan was to lose weight. As I continued and understood more, I wanted to understand the connection between food, weight and the mind.

What was your biggest ah-ha moment while doing this coaching program? What impact has it had on you and your life? That I have a choice in everything I do and how I experience life. Exhilarating and humbling.

What are the biggest changes you’ve noticed in you, your life, relationships etc in body, mind or spirit from doing this coaching program? Given all the negativity around me during this summer, this program really helped me to not shut down or go off the deep end. I’ve always been anxious and worrisome and in many ways, felt disconnected from my feelings. I also see how my use of alcohol was causing me to numb out much of my life.

How confident and prepared do you feel to maintain the positive changes you have adopted during the program? It’s hard, I have to say! But, when I forget, I just go back to my journals and my tools. You’ve given me a lot of gifts, and I just need to choose them over eating, drinking, sadness.

How was it to work with me as your coach? Vicki, I think the world of you and know that you are making such a difference in many lives. You are inspiring, understanding, thoughtful and insightful.

How would you feel about recommending this program and me as a coach to a friend/acquaintance/family member? I would be happy to recommend you and this program!

Is there anything else you’d like to share? I know I didn’t faithfully follow the food plan and for that, I didn’t experience a huge weight loss. However, my spirit is intact and I have tools to soar and get better and better. BEST. GIFT. EVER! <3

NOTE: She just shared that she always gains weight in the summer and this was an especially challenging one for her. Using the tools she learned, she didn’t gain and actually lost 6 pounds! How wonderful J!!

What Jill Russo Foster, Cos Cob CT said about

Hi, I’m Jill Russo Foster and I’m a client of Vicki Heise at Live Your Healthy Life.

This year I’ve made some great strides. My goal was to have a better work/life balance and not to work too much and still make money, but I needed some changes to my life health wise.

Through the years I’ve had eaten as good as I could and I worked to get better but this year I made some dramatic changes. I am now gluten free, egg free, dairy free, yeast free and certain other things that Vicki has helped me with and she found many recipes for me so that I don’t feel deprived and can eat what I want, when I want and still follow what I want to become healthier.

As I enter my 50′s I needed to make changes to feel better but I still needed the energy to keep up a busy lifestyle since I’m self employed. All this was done with Vicki’s help and I feel much better, sleeping somewhat better, and I’ve lost weight at the same time which are all great perks, so thank you Vicki!

What Cari Vollmer, Savage MN said about

Ready to jump on the magic carpet ride of your life?

Vicki is your guide!

I started working with Vicki for one reason: I knew it was time to make MY HEALTH a priority in my life – including getting my body in shape. What I also knew is that I did not want to do it like I’ve always done it in the past: restrictive dieting, excessive working out and obsessing over food.

What’s occurred in my life since I started working with Vicki as my coach is nothing short of a miracle.

Here’s just a short list of the transformations that have taken place so far:
(special note: this list is an example of major shifts that have happened in my life that is also very personal to me. What I know for sure is you will have your own shifts – unique to you! If you jump on the magic carpet, hold on, because you cannot guess right now what’s in store for you!)

· For the first time ever in my life I view FOOD in a whole new, healthier way. Food used to be the enemy, now I see it for what it is – a gift from God. When viewed in this way wholesome food GIVES you so much more than simply lower calories. It fills you with love, sunshine and positive energy. Truly understanding this has been a miracle in my life. I never knew before FOOD could feel so good. If this seems unbelievable to you, that’s OK, just know it’s possible.

· I now know the major difference between trying to CONTROL my diet vs having a DISCIPLINED practice of consciously choosing what is right for me, my body and my wellbeing in each moment. Over-control is NOT healthy, it is actually quite harmful and will backfire. Consciously choosing from a place of love for yourself will not backfire.

· Transformation is possible when you look for the REASONS behind why you self-sabotage yourself with too much food. Understanding the role your life story and choices make is a KEY to putting an end to suffering.
One of the things I have loved so much about working with Vicki are the surprises! Over and over again I’ve been WOW’d and surprised by the new insights I’ve gained on this journey. Around every turn I’ve discovered something about myself, what I need to heal or let go of, in order to finally claim my wellbeing, vibrant health and healthy body.

This is just Part One of my story. I’m not “complete” yet…there is more to do to fully come into alignment with the health I want to experience in my life. What I do know is that I’ll get there. I’ll get there because I dared to have the courage to finally do it different. Give up control. And listen to my own inner wisdom. For this Vicki has been a very special gift in my life. I adore her, appreciate her, trust her and feel inspired by her.

Trust the little voice inside of you that already knows you’re not going to lose weight or get healthy by doing it the same way as you’ve always done it. Listen to the little voice inside of you that’s nudging you to do it different this time. It’s a powerful step to a life changing experience you can only dream possible today.

What Lisa Kevitch, Ardmore PA said about

What was your biggest concern/fear about committing to Breaking Through to the Real You™ one-on-one coaching? Following through with the homework assignments that Vicki gave me. Once I really set my mind on them I started to see break throughs.

What did you like best about the Breaking Through to the Real You™ program? I like that Vicki gave me the tools to be a neutral observer verses staying in the problem or repeating the old story. I had tools to move through my blocks and really see my growth.

How has this coaching experience help you? Traditional therapy has never really made a lasting change for me. Vicki’s coaching gave me so many new tools to work on and she helped me see my blocks and move forward on my journey.

How was this journey different from other weight loss or self improvement programs you have participated in? It gave me tools to use when in the past I would turn to food to sooth myself. I now see my triggers and I have learned to turn to other avenues to help me with my feelings other than numbing them with food. Vicki gave me loving encouragement along the way and never felt pushed to move faster than I wanted to go.

How confident do you feel in being able to maintain the positive changes have adopted? Very confident, since my homework assignments have become part of my daily routine.

What did you like best about working with Vicki? She was always giving me something to work on at the end of each session and being accountable to at least trying to follow through until our next session. She has a loving gentle way about her that you never feel pushed to move faster than you want to and a gentle way to see my patterns that were holding me back.

What 3 benefits did you gain doing this program with Vicki? I learned to journal my feelings as my daily routine, I learned to sit with my feelings verses stuffing them with food, I learned to become the neutral observer of my life and my dreams which in turn helped me see clarity when things in the past seem to overwhelm me.

Would you recommend this program and/or coach to a friend? Yes absolutely!

Is there anything else you’d like to share? I saw tremendous movement on my journey with Vicki and she has made more impact and lasting change in 8 weeks of coaching with me than years of traditional therapy.

August 2013 Update from Lisa: When I started with Vicki I was feeling stuck… I lacked the motivation to move forward even though I knew I had the tools. On our very first session Vicki gently guided me with homework assignments to work on in between our sessions.

This really helped me to see movement because I really wanted to be accountable in our next session. It also gave me the gentle nudge to break through some barriers I was fighting. I really wanted to change my need to go to food to relieve stress.

Through guided exercises that Vicki gave me, I was able to replace the need for grazing when I felt overwhelmed or stress in my life to writing in my journal, doing a In-vizion™ Process where I became the neutral observer and was no longer stuck in the problem. This made it so easy to look past the food and focus on a solution.

Without Vicki’s help and gentle support I would never have been able to break this habitual cycle. I can now say I have turned these exercises into habits and instead of reaching for food to calm me I now can reach into my “Vicki Tool Chest” to calm myself and move through the feeling.

What C Christian, Powell OH said about

How would you describe yourself and your life before starting this program?
In the weeks prior to starting this process, I would describe myself as a person who was floundering, searching for a kind of peace that seemed to elude me. It was so unexpected, as I had been graced with a wonderful adult life. Still, I felt such turmoil; I had no clue from where it came. I had, for weeks, felt as if there was a hole within me that needed filling – with no understanding of why. My life was/is really good and yet, it was as if all the “forgotten” hurts of childhood came tumbling back, ready to be brought into my consciousness and dealt with…of course, I was totally unaware of that at the time. Timing is everything, right? It was time.

I am beyond grateful to Vicki, because by her invitation for me to participate in this amazing process, little did she or I, know I was being offered a life line and thankfully, I wholeheartedly grabbed on to it. Though my life is a great one, loving husband, family and home – I was taken back by my feelings of being unsettled and empty, especially because I saw no basis for them and I had always been a very grateful person. Certainly there have been challenges, but who doesn’t have challenges? Somehow a long the way, I think, I lost “me”- my concern had, for the most part, been for others as I felt unworthy to be given such care. I truly believe God whispered…Carolyn; it is your time to be “free”. So the journey began…

How would you describe yourself and your life now that you’ve completed this one-on-one coaching program?
I am so grateful for completing this process. I am happier and through additional introspection I discover more about what serves me and what doesn’t. I now have the ability to” let go” of the things that are not mine to own. It is liberating to be able to walk beside someone and not try to walk for them. I have tools to help me deal with any anxiety or overwhelming feelings I may have, which in turn, enable me to release them and move on. Miracles all.

What was your biggest concern/fear about committing to Weight Loss for People Who Feel to Much™ one-on-one coaching?
I would have to say that the biggest concern would be I would not be able to “do it right”, or disappointing my coach. And yet in saying that, I had the greatest feeling of being safe and a desire to “push” through whatever I needed to in order to get to the other side. I was committed to my growth.

What were you hoping to get out of this program/coaching and did you get it?
I would have to say, “peace” – though, I had no “real” expectations as I began the program…I trusted my coach from the beginning, which in turn helped me trust the process and with each session, my trust was proven. This program far exceeded anything I could have imagined. A resounding YES, I did get it…and oh, so much more.

How was this journey different from any other weight loss or self improvement programs you have participated in?
Other programs I have tried seem to work from a place of “surface”- ones outside appearance. Eat correctly – exercise = change your body – all that is true and wonderful up to a point. However, for many of us it just isn’t sustainable because it doesn’t address how we see or feel about ourselves, nor do those programs help us recognize where our challenges truly lie – within us – it is not solely in the physical. The component that is missing is inner self understanding, love and acceptance. Understanding the spirit in which we do things…the whys of what we do is imperative to any change. To my way of thinking, it is about uncovering and coming to terms with issues we carry that we may not be fully aware of the impact they have on us. My thought is, if the heart, mind and spirit are healed or at a minimum growth is occurring…it will follow that we will lead the body to better choices, thus better health. When we begin to see things differently; there is a desire to “honor” our body not just because of improved appearance (though that is a great side effect)…it goes much deeper than that…perhaps it is a true awakening of the gifts we have been given. There is a desire, to feed, care and respect ourselves from the inside and out – not that it can’t happen from the outside in, however, my experience is that it is more of a challenge and doesn’t last. Just because one eats correctly and exercises, it doesn’t always follow that he/she will continue a “healthy” existence for the long haul…it almost seems to me if we aren’t feeding our soul…we are still “misfiring”, so to speak.

How confident do you feel in being able to maintain the positive changes you have adopted?
I feel confident that I will be able to maintain the positive changes that I have adopted through this process…I know there maybe, at times, ebbs and flows, but on the whole there is a new awareness that has taken hold and I consciously desire to move in the direction of my “becoming” which is continued growth on all levels. Certainly, we are all works in progress and isn’t it wonderful we can experience miracles through our progress all along the way. Hip hip hooray!

Would you recommend this coaching for others who feel too much? If yes, what would you like someone else considering doing this to know about the experience?
I would, without a doubt recommend this coaching for others who feel too much. What I would ask of someone else who is considering this experience is to come to the process with no expectations and an open heart. Trust the process and as my beloved coach would say, “Just wait, it gets even better” and it does! There may be some unsettling times but they are short-lived and worth every moment of self discovery. The process can change your life, if you allow yourself the journey.

What did you like best about working with Vicki?
You are asking someone who loves this woman! This is without a doubt a calling for Vicki. You “feel” her desire of only wanting the very best for you. She is gentle in helping you discover what you need to know. Vicki is non-judgmental and supportive as you reveal your thoughts, feelings; your story. Not only does she listen, your feelings are validated. She picks up intuitively on the unexpressed, then offers another perspective which opens up yet another thought process allowing new discoveries of the self. It really is amazing. I couldn’t have done it without the care, understanding, knowledge and encouragement I received. Every milestone is celebrated and I felt loved and safe in this very personal journey. The simple answer to “What did you like best about working with Vicki?” EVERYTHING!!!

What is the biggest change you’ve noticed in yourself:
I am calmer and thoughtful about what I hear and say…I respond more than react…still a work in progress…but when I notice my calm, I am so proud of my self as I am being who I desire to be.

Closing thoughts?
I don’t know how to truly express the gratitude I feel – first, to Collette, for her inspiration in developing this life changing process. Second, for the gift of certification for those who are “called”. A BIG Third – my love and gratitude for my coach, my friend Vicki…who has held my hand, taught me, supported me, cried with me, understood me and made me feel safe through this whole process. She opened her heart in love and care and that has made all the difference in my life. Thank you from the bottom, to the top of my heart.

What Cari Friend, Stroudsburg PA said about


Cari was selected to be quoted on the inside cover of Colette Baron-Reid’s book Weight Loss for People Who Feel Too Much. WooHoo Cari!! She said that “This has been a huge lifestyle change for me. I discovered who I am, started loving myself, am now living an authentic life and lost weight. I’m no longer an active participant in other people’s emotions, and I feel 30 pounds lighter in body, mind, and spirit.” And she’s lost 32 pounds!! (See her updates below!) Congratulations Cari ♥

Cari UPDATE: “Vicki, you and I met about 9 months ago and my goal was to lose 40 lbs. In the 8 weeks you coached me through Weight Release Energetics (Now Breaking Through to the Real You), I lost an incredible 17 lbs. With the tools you taught me, since then, up until two weeks ago, I lost a total of 38 lbs. On this, day 12 of your cleanse, I got on the scale and weighed myself and voila, two lbs. gone. How fitting that I lose the last 2 lbs. of my initial goal while participating in your wonderful cleanse. I am now at a total of 40 lbs. gone…and still going. I thank God for bringing you into my life and am eternally grateful to you for giving me the courage and knowledge to change my entire life!” Cari is referring to the Live Your Healthy Life 12 Day All Natural, Whole Food Cleanse.

How has this coaching experience helped you? To understand how it has helped me, you have to understand who I was before it. I was living a life of untruths, hiding behind layers of fat and excuses, not even knowing who my true self was. I berated myself every day with thoughts of self hatred and looks of total disgust. I loathed not only my body, but ME, the ME that continued to work towards nothing and stay stagnant. Every morning I would awake with hopes of self control over what I put into my mouth and of being productive and successful. Every night was then filled with the shame and resentment of another failed day. A huge first step for my transformation through this experience was realizing that I was taking on other people’s emotions. Discovering this brought on the realization that I was also trying to then control other people’s emotions and behaviors. I was so desperately trying to take on and control other people’s emotions and behaviors, that I became invisible to myself. I got lost in a deluge of self loathing. As I peeled off the layers, there was no more hiding from myself, Thank God! Confronting myself and the myriad of emotions and detours left me raw at times but was necessary to move forward. With the loving and gentle guidance of my coach, Vicki, I reclaimed many things I thought were lost forever (self love, true peace, creativity, passion, hope, joy, contentment, etc.) and now live my life, every day, as my authentic self. I not only know who I am but I live my life in celebration of this person I love so deeply. Being present in my own, beautiful, life leaves no room for the things that used to detour me from living. Not to mention that I lost 17 lbs. while in the program! (January 2013 Update: Cari continues to lose and has lost a total of 32 pounds!! She says she doesn’t even think about it anymore, this is just the way she lives now)

Did it meet, exceed, or fall short of your expectations? WAY BEYOND EXCEEDED: like two universes to the left EXCEEDED My expectations were low, that the program would even work for me. Looking back, this program presented itself to me at exactly the right time, at a very low and flat, stagnant point in my life. I expected to fail, to not lose any weight and to still be stuck in nothingness. The only expectation I had was that Spirit would carry me through. I made a deal in the beginning with God. I committed fully to the program and He had to commit fully to taking care of the rest. After the first week, it all changed, like flipping a light switch. The weight loss became secondary to the amazing opportunity in front of me. The opportunity to fix myself! Wow! I didn’t expect any of the wonderful treasures I discovered or lands I explored. I mean really, how many people ever really get a true opportunity to change their lives completely forever?

How was this journey different from any other weight loss or self improvement programs you have participated in? I actually lost weight. I actually improved my SELF. I always heard the catch phrase “Let go and let God” and “The will of God will not lead you where the grace of God cannot keep you” and a bunch of others. That level of faith was absolutely foreign to me. I had no idea how to connect to Spirit like that, let alone let go of the control I thought I needed over my life (which seems silly to me now now because I was never so out of control!). After taking this journey, I know what FAITH is. In getting to know me, I got to know God. I know, with certainty that Spirit goes before me every single day of my life. Holy cow, I understand all those “buzz words” now. I really get it! I am totally at ONE with, what I affectionately call, my “ME3” (Body, Mind, and Spirit). We work together now, every day. Before this journey, my mind would want a big old greasy burger and fries. I’d eat it and my body would tell me it wasn’t happy with it in the form of heartburn (“Quick, take an antacid NOW”). I wouldn’t even hesitate to get another big old greasy burger and fries a couple days later. I would just make sure I had Zantac with me. Now, after this program, my ego mind is not calling the shots. When faced with food choices now, my Spirit listens to my body and boy is my body happier! My mind and Spirit are loving and honoring my body and vice versa. When my legs feel sore, instead of popping a couple Advil, I go for a walk, do stretches, lunges, etc. and they feel better. If I get tired in the middle of the day, instead of making a pot of coffee, I will lie down and allow myself a nap. I listen to what my body is telling me and giving it what it wants.

How confident do you feel in being able to maintain the positive changes you have adopted? It is not a matter of confidence for me. The changes I made are lifestyle changes. I live the changes every day. Just as my eyes are blue and my hair is blond, I am these positive changes. Armed with the mighty tools I was given, I can live in the world, around others, without detours, and go full steam ahead!

Want proof? I lost 4 pounds in the 2 1/2 weeks since the program ended and the fat continues to melt away!

Would you recommend this program and/or coach to a friend? Program? Absolutely YES! I am a walking billboard for this program. Just to see me live by example is my recommendation every day. Coach? A resounding YES! I have no doubt that Vicki was divinely appointed to me. Her love and compassion are imprinted upon me forever. I opened myself up completely to her and she always made me feel safe. It was very unusual for me to trust someone so completely so quickly because I had closed myself off from friends and family for a very long time. After our first call, I felt an instant kinship with Vicki and knew I could trust her.

What did you like best about working with Vicki? Vicki was my BIGGEST fan and strongest ally! She gently guided me along the way, while giving encouragement. I also liked that she held me accountable without ever making me feel like I was being reprimanded. Vicki made me feel like I was her only client in the world. Vicki was also so knowledgeable about health. She often pointed out tips and options, just for me. I opened myself up completely to her and she responded with warmth, compassion and love.

Closing thoughts? One of the biggest surprises that I encountered was that this is not a diet program. There is no gimmick, no hidden agendas, no counting calories, points, etc. Because I love myself now, it is so easy to choose the foods that support and nourish my body, not weigh it down and destroy it. The weight loss actually became secondary to the awesome opportunity to get to know me. When I started this journey, I did not like myself at all. I had no idea who I was or what I wanted. Now, I absolutely and completely love ME, all of me. I know who I am and I love who I am. I hug myself sometimes and can’t pass a mirror without smiling at myself (ask my husband, he gets a kick out of it). I don’t know where I’m going but I know my feet are firmly planted on a path and that Spirit will guide me down that path. At 38, I am finally living my authentic life, as a neutral observer and not an active participant in other people’s emotions. Whoo Hoo!!!!

Here is my personal experience living
and losing over 30 pounds using

The Weight Loss for Women Who Feel Too Much™ Program is now called Weight Release Energetix®. This is the course I am a Master Certified Intuitive Coach® in and use with clients in my Breaking Through to the Real You Program™ and the 12 Week Healthy Habits Online Group program.

How has this program helped you? I have always been an empathetic person who took on the weight of the world. I thought something was wrong with me because I was like this. I have lived with bouts of depression, eating and anxiety disorders over the years. My weight could easily fluctuate 20, 30 and even 50 pounds very quickly and maintaining my desired weight was next to impossible for me.

I was at a particularly low point in my life at the beginning of 2012. My adult son had died a few months earlier after a long illness, my heart was broken and I fell back into old habits that I’d used in the past to numb myself once again. I was just a few pounds under my highest weight ever, I was out of control abusing myself with food and the only thing I knew for sure was that I couldn’t live like this way anymore.

I have followed Colette Baron-Reid for years and when she offered Weight Loss For People Who Feel Too Much™ I prayed that this was the answer for me.

Four weeks after starting I was losing weight, feeling much better, eating mindfully and having wonderful foods that really nourished me and my body.

In the past there were times the only thing I ate for days was chocolate just trying to make it through the day. Very quickly on this program my daily processed sugar consumption went down to almost nothing.

Did it meet, exceed, or fall short of your expectations? Far exceeded them! I was afraid to hope that this could really help me but I can honestly say this program has not only drastically changed but also saved my life.

I have been living this program since the first of the year with amazing results. I’m thrilled that I have lost weight but I am most grateful for having the tools now to deal with my empathy overload without turning to food.

How was this journey different from any other weight loss or self improvement programs you have participated in? I easily lost 20 pounds during the first 2 months of 2012 without being on a diet and I’ve been able to maintain this for over 6 months which I’ve never been able to do on any program or on my own before!

I’m sure my success came about because this program dealt with how, deep down, I used my excess weight for protection from the people, places and things that made me uncomfortable. Additionally not wanting to feel my own emotions was a very painful way to live and this program gave me ways deal with them.

Once I was able to see that I used food to cope with my emotions and was given the tools this program provides, the weight started dropping off as if by magic.

There is really no comparison between this and anything I’ve done before and I’ve tried them all over the years.

How confident do you feel in being able to maintain the positive changes you have adopted? This is how I live now and the changes are getting more integrated into my everyday life. The struggle, self hate and loathing are gone. I love my body not only for what it does for me but I’m so grateful that it didn’t give up on me even when I continued to abuse and mistreat it.
December 2012:
I’ve been able to maintain my 20 pound loss (woohoo) and have dropped another 5 pounds!
April 2013: I’ve lost a total of 32 pounds and am down 3 clothes sizes!!
April 2014: Still maintaining my weight with little effort!!
January 2015: I’m up 7 pounds in the last half of 2014 and realizing that I’m not taking very good care of myself. The holiday season still is hard for me and I miss my son even more this time of year. So, I’ve promised myself that I will make using my self care tools the number one priority this year! I know what to do and just need to support myself to get back to where I’m comfortable being and feeling!

Would you recommend this program/coaching to a friend? Absolutely without hesitation. This isn’t just a program, it’s not a diet, it’s an opportunity to totally transform your life. If you are willing to take time for yourself, look deeply and honestly at what is happening to you, and follow the program your life will never be the same. Having a coach to guide and support you one-on-one turns this journey into the magical carpet ride of your life!


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