Which Program Is A Good Choice For You?

Which Program is a Good Choice for You?

No matter what age you are,
if you are a woman who wants to be healthier and happier,
I have a program just for you.
If you are a woman who feels too much,
wants to lose and maintain a comfortable weight,
and diet and exercise alone haven’t worked for you in the past -
then I have a program just right for you!
If you’re interested in both, I have a program that puts them together – just for you!

To help you decide, pick which of these women best represents where you are right now
and the suggested program:

JENNIFER really want to move towards a healthier lifestyle but isn’t sure where to start

  • She wants something short term that she can do on her own
  • She wants to be given a list of what foods to eat
  • She wants a menu to work from, shopping lists and meal ideas

Suggested Program:
The Live Your Healthy Life 12 Day All Natural, Whole Food Cleanse Program
Use the contact form below to receive additional information about this program

SUSAN is looking for some support in improving her health

  • She wants information about setting achievable goals that she’ll be able to maintain,
    foods, supplements and taking great care of her body
  • She would love to not go it alone and have a group to support her

Suggested Program:
The 2016 Live Y0ur Healthy Life Online Group Program that you can see here

LISA wants Support

  • She likes to have someone help her stay focused on her goals
  • She wants the program to be personalized to her and her life
  • She knows she will have better results with support

Suggested Programs:
Private One-On-One Breaking Through to the Real You Coaching
or the
The 2016 Live Your Healthy Life Online Group Program
that includes a monthly group coaching call, that you can check out here.

Use the contact form below to receive additional information about Breaking Through One-On-One Coaching

If you have any questions about what program would be best for you,
please fill out the form below and I will get back to you:



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